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Here's How the SLIDE-A-SCALE Can Help:

The SLIDE-A-SCALE is a new and innovative tool for students, writers, and guitarists
of all levels of experience. It was designed to give the student a more complete and diversified
understanding of scale make-up, helping to develop a more fluent and versatile playing style.

For Beginning Players and Writers:

  • Simplifies Understanding Music Scales! Books show the identical scale AGAIN and AGAIN - the only difference being the fret number next to the scale (this is because it really IS simpler than they make it).
    The SLIDE-A-SCALE brings it all onto "ONE PAGE!"
  • Easy-to-Learn Solo Patterns that will entirely REVOLUTIONIZE any guitarist's playing style, opening the door to more advanced techniques and improvisation.
  • Helps by Building Upon Current Knowledge of the Student - By identifying a known "pattern" or riff from a song, and locating it on the SLIDE-A-SCALE fretboard, a player can easily see HUNDREDS of ways to play that same part.
  • Helps Players Define the Key to a Song. Simply locate a partial bit from a song, and slide that familiar bit to the right place on the fretboard, and the KEY of the song is clearly defined by the "Red Dot" on the scale. It's a SNAP!

For Experienced Players and Writers:

  • Clearly Defines Routine Transpositions and can help simplify intricate and complex arrangements.
  • Helps to Visualize New Directions in both Lead and Rhythm guitar playing
  • Helps Guitar Teachers for Demonstration
    When used for teaching, it helps the teacher illustrate the "Mode" positions and methods of fingering.

The SLIDE-A-SCALE comes with an elaborate Instruction Sheet, which packs a great deal of information into a full-scale lesson in Guitar Theory, making it an ideal supplement to the SLIDE-A-SCALE.

No Guitarist should be without it!


There are endless ways of learning the guitar. If you are like most players, you will make the most of every resource that is at your disposal.

While you should not rely solely on any one tool, the SLIDE-A-SCALE will make a valuable addition to your arsenal. You will be playing one day, and find yourself saying "Where's my SLIDE-A-SCALE?!"

Here's to good music!

Click here for Vintage "Guitar World" and "Guitar School" Magazines.

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